About Cultivate Wellness

About Cultivate Wellness

Hi there and welcome to the Cultivate Wellness App!  So glad you are here! 

What is Cultivate Wellness?

Just like a farmer needs to cultivate their fields and gardens to produce healthy and hearty crops, we too need to cultivate our minds, bodies and daily lives to feel balanced and empowered.

Cultivate Wellness came to life from a combination of valuable wellbeing strategies aiming to help bring greater wellness to our community and organizations. Bringing together specialties such as mindfulness practices, resilience training, professional coaching modalities, and robust health and fitness knowledge.

 Cultivate Wellness uses mindfulness-based employee wellness, leadership and talent development workshops to build resilient organizations and employees, empowering participants to manage the many challenges they face each day. 

A Little About Me...


I have always had a deep curiosity and fascination for human behavior and what makes us tick! 


This fascination of people, and my own struggles with anxiety and depression, led me to be a lifelong seeker of knowledge relating to personal development and wellbeing strategies. By not having the necessary tools and resources to manage my anxiety and mental health as a young person, I began to find healthy ways to deal with heavy emotions and struggles that life WILL throw at you. I didn’t want to be a victim of life, I wanted to THRIVE and use adversity as an opportunity to grow and build powerful resilience.

I am passionate about partnering with individuals, businesses and groups to feel empowered and build resiliency in their personal and professional lives.

Qualification and Experience:

BS in Health and Human Services/Child and Family Studies
Certified Fitness Professional: over 25 years of experience in health and wellness

Certified Professional Life Coach: focus on total well-being (mental and physical) personal and professional development. (iPEC -  Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching)
Trained Mindfulness Instructor: for children and adults 
Certified Children's Yoga Arts: instructor

Neuroscience of Change: 12 week course completion